Balaji Pocket Temple (24 Karat Gold Plated)


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Introducing the Lord Balaji Pooja Box: Reverence in Divine Presence

Lord Balaji, also known as the “Lord of the Venkata Hill” and the “Lord of the 7 Hills,” holds a profound place of reverence. This meticulously crafted pooja box aims to capture the power and presence of Lord Balaji.

This box showcases holy depictions of Lord Balaji, his sacred symbolism, and prominently features his divine feet at the center. To enhance its visual allure, all these depictions and symbols are carefully wrapped in 24 Karat Gold foil. The intricate details and thoughtful design of this pocket temple truly make it a masterpiece of art.


  • Crafted with quality materials, ensuring durability and elegance
  • Adorned with 24 Karat Gold foil for an added level of visual appeal
  • Holy depictions of Lord Balaji and his symbolism, with the divine feet as the centerpiece

This Lord Balaji Pooja Box serves as a tangible representation of Lord Balaji’s divine presence and power. It is a sacred reminder of his grace and blessings, allowing you to deepen your spiritual connection.

Whether you seek divine intervention or wish to pay homage to Lord Balaji, this pooja box is the perfect choice. Embrace the spiritual energy it exudes and experience a heightened sense of devotion. Order your Lord Balaji Pooja Box today and invite the divine presence into your sacred space.


Size: 8 inch x 4.5inch x 1.5inch (L x B x H)

Care Instructions: Use a cold water and cotton


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Balaji Pocket Temple (24 Karat Gold Plated)

Availability: 9 in stock