3D Baby Hand/Foot Casting Kit

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Although it may seem unimaginable at the moment, there will come a time when you’ll marvel at how much your child has grown. During their first few years, babies undergo rapid growth.

With our 3D Casting Kits, we provide you with the means to reminisce about those priceless moments. You can easily create a 3D sculpture of your baby’s hands and feet using our user-friendly home-casting kits.

Our 3D Casting kit is an easy to make do it yourself kit. You just need to follow the instructions provided with the kit.


Mix Molding Powder

Start by mixing the molding powder according to the instructions provided. Immerse hands into the prepared mold. Once the mold sets gently remove hand/feet from the mold.


Fill Casting Powder

Now it’s time to fill the mold with the casting powder and allow it to harden.


Peel the casting

Once the casting stone has fully cured and hardened, gently peel away the mold from the casting.

Each imprint of your baby is forever preserved, allowing you to relive those special memories.


  • DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT – Capture a precious moment in time with this do-it-yourself kit, designed to preserve the memories for a mother and child to cherish in the future. With this DIY kit, you can not only see but also feel the delicate features of those adorable little hands and feet even years down the line.
  • PRESERVE EVERY PRECIOUS DETAIL – The exceptional rubbery mold effortlessly captures every intricate line and fingerprint, ensuring that no detail is missed, even if the baby wiggles during the process.
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE- Our product offers effortless mixing, ensuring a hassle-free experience. It is non-toxic and completely safe for the skin, providing peace of mind to parents. With a long shelf life, you can rely on its durability whenever you’re ready to create the perfect keepsake. Rest assured, it excels at capturing even the most minute details, preserving the essence of those precious moments.
  • ★ GREAT GIFT – This can be an ideal gift choice, allowing you to create a timeless and everlasting memory for your loved ones.

3D Baby Casting Kit Includes:1 Pack of Molding Powder (Step 1) – 175 gm, 1 Pack of Casting Powder (Step 2) – 250 gm, 1 Golden Color, 1 Instruction Manual.

Do’s and Don’t for making a Perfect Cast

  • Hard water adds one or more additional chemicals to the mix and can have unpredictable results. Lumpiness is one. If you feel good about drinking your tap water- its most likely fine to mix with Molding powder. If you filter your water or drink bottled water- probably best to use that water to mix with Molding powder to minimize problems.
  • Too thin or too thick a mix can cause lumpiness. If the mix is too thin, there isn’t enough internal friction to work out the dry spots in the mix. If the mix is too thick, there isn’t enough water to do the same. Careful measuring is critical.
  • Use Cold water to increase the setting time of Molding mix. Cold water makes Molding Powder set slower.

Summary-Measure carefully, use good water and a good mixing technique and you’ll be fine. We test our Molding Powder rigorously and we don’t let bad product out of our warehouse.Have fun with it.

2 reviews for 3D Baby Hand/Foot Casting Kit

  1. Akash

    Thanks for the wonderful memory

  2. Amit

    Really easy to use and the output was really good. 👌

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3D Baby Hand/Foot Casting Kit
Original price was: Rs.1,499.00.Current price is: Rs.799.00.

Availability: 27 in stock